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I have set up a new website for some truly unique fabrics.  Most of the fabrics on this website are older, long out of print fabrics from the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s.  These are Quilt Shop Quality fabrics from manufacturers such as Alexander Henry, Moda, Hoffman, Timeless Treasures and many, many more.  So....if you are looking for something out of print from years ago....or, if you just want something unique and different that no one else has... or, if you just like to browse and gaze at beautiful fabrics....copy and paste the link below and enjoy this eye candy!  I currently have over 300 fabrics listed here....however, I add more fabrics several times a week....so, be sure to check back often.  And...remember, most of these are *very limited yardage*, so if you see something you like....get it now!  When it's gone from here.....it's gone forever!  Here's the link, copy and paste into your browser...Enjoy!!   




You get 50 different fabrics over the course of a year...each one representing the State Flower of a USA State.  We will provide a FREE easy to make Flower Block Pattern with complete instructions, 4 State Flower Prints each month for 12 months (the remaining 2 fabrics will be sent FREE in the 12th month), background fabric, fabric for the center of the flower and a Free State Flower Picture Card so you can mark off your fabrics as you get them.  See complete details and pricing on the website.  Look for the STATE FLOWERS FABRIC CLUB Category at the top of the page.

We are excited to offer this NEW CLUB!  It's called the Color Me Club.  This is becoming all the rage across the country!  Quilters and crafters have expressed to me how relaxing and calming coloring can be....and a true creative release!!  This first started with intricate designs on paper.....in coloring books for adults to color.  But, now the fabric industry has picked up on this hot new trend and created Black & White FABRIC to color on!  Now you can create your own color schemes and make beautiful squares for quilts, wallhangings....and many other projects.  This is great for Kids too!

The Black & White fabrics you get will include wildlife, butterflies, flowers, fish, owls, holiday images, etc....many different fun and pretty themes and scenes!  In additiona to the fabrics....you will collect a rainbow of colors in quality fabric markers!  (Useful for many other fabric and craft projects!)

Here's how this Club works....

Your First Club Package will include a Black & White Color Me Fabric and SIX Quality Fabric Coloring Markers in simple basic colors to get you started.  (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown and Black)  This initial package will cost $22.  But then....each month after that the cost will only be $14.95....you will get a DIFFERENT Black & White fabric ...and TWO DIFFERENT Quality Fabric Color Markers....so as you progress in the Club you will have a collection of fabric markers in an impressive array of colors.  You will have multiple shades of luscious colors....no two the same.  Sign up today!  Go to the website and look for the COLOR ME CLUB category at the top of the page. 


Visit my Etsy Shop for unique and out of print fabrics from years ago....some back in the early 1990s!

Go To:   http://www.etsy.com    and put SpidersWebFabric in the Search Window.   Be sure you indicate that you are looking for the SHOP ....not an item.


The Bunny is hanging out with The King of Rock 'n Roll.  Look for that category. 




Join the PILLOW TALK CLUB and catch up on all the latest FUN! Pillows are quick and easy to make....lovely decorations for your own home...or they make GREAT GIFTS for your family and friends! Get something fun every month in your mailbox instead of bills and junk mail!  In each Kit you will get:
- Pillow Panels/Fabric - You will get fabric panels to make "throw" pillows. You will get TWO Panels, one for each side of the pillow.
- One Pillow Form - This goes inside once your pillow panels are sewn. The Pillow Form will be the appropriate size for the pillow. The pillows will mostly be 14 to 15 inches....but, there might be a few 12" and 16" pillows once in a while....and sometime we might "throw" in a surprise pillow just to keep things interesting!! :-)
- Complete step by step instructions to make your pillow.
- A "surprise" Bonus Gift - This will be something to embellish your pillow (ruffles, buttons, beads, lace, etc) or a sewing notion.


Table Runners are great craft projects and great stash busters! They are "doable" :-) ...small enough to finish in a short amount of time to give you a sense of accomplishment.  The patterns you will receive in our Table Runner & Home Dec Pattern Club will make beautiful and personalized decorations for your home....or make them as gifts.  We will send you a different Table Runner Pattern or Home Dec Pattern each month.  You will get the pattern only....this way you can choose your own colors and fabrics....a good way to use up all those lovely scraps and pieces of fabrics you have in your Stash!  We will occasionally send "Home Dec" patterns....such as Place Mats, Hot Pads, dresser scarves, etc.....but, this will mostly be Table Runners.


Do you find yourself dragging through the month sometimes....nothing exciting to really look forward to??? Let us keep you in stitches with a MONTHLY MYSTERY PATTERNS CLUB!! These Patterns will all be sewing/crafting projects. We will choose Patterns with regular sewing supplies....so if you are a sewer/crafter/quilter....you will probably have the supplies needed to complete these projects already in your stash. BUT....just to add an added surprise....we will include in your package ONE ITEM from the supply list for the project that month as a special bonus. We will choose a supply item that you may not have on hand...or an embellishment to make your finished project extra special!  Sign up today.  You can start anytime....and cancel anytime.  There are no set number of patterns to purchase.


We started this Club over a year ago....and it is still going strong!  This is a GREAT time to sign up as we now have accounts with some NEW manufacturers.  I have lots of new panels on order.  Each month you get an Apron Panel, a Recipe and a little surprise in your package.  Click the link to get all the details.


This is another of our very popular Clubs.  We started this Club over 3 years ago!!  There are 25 different OWLS....exclusive to your Shop, you won't find them any where else!  They are quick and fun to collect and sew.  You can start and stop whenever you want....but, we know you will want to collect ALL 25!  Click here for more details.


This Club has also been running about 3 years.  Each month you get 5 Batik Fabric Pieces and 5 Fossil Fern Faric Pieces, a Pattern, a Foundation Fabric and complete step by step instructions for making a Crazy Quilt Block.  The patterns and fabrics are different each month.  You get more fabric than you need for each month's block.......so, you can mix and match the fabrics each month from the month's before.  Click here for more details


WE ARE OPEN FOR WALK-IN customers MOST days (except Sunday) starting at 10:30 a.m.  Please CALL FIRST (330-594-7119), however, to make sure someone is there .... as occasionally we do close.  (We are always closed on Sundays.)  If you are just out and about....you can drop by un-announced....you do not need "an appointment".   If the gate is locked....call from your cell phone, and if we are there, we'll come out and open the gate.  Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to come as those are the days we have extra help to cut and pack the website orders....but, once again, schedules can change.....so, CALL FIRST. 


 Sign up today to the Calendar Club Kits! Go to our website and look for the MONTHLY CALENDAR WALLHANGING CLUB Category.  We post a picture each month....you can sign up at any time.


If some of you "quilters" are also "crafters".....and like to make purses, bags, crazy quilts....and other craft projects that call for fabrics other than 100% cotton....we have a sweet deal for you!!! 

A HUGE LOT of Premium Home Dec/Upholstery fabric pieces .....perfect to use in making Purses, Bags, Crazy Quilts and many other Crafts. 
Sold by the pound......@ $5.99 per pound  for a limited time!

Fabrics include.....home dec cottons, cotton blends, rayon, wool/wool blends, brocade, corderoy, silky-slinky, satins, velvet, lace, velour, linen, woven, some embroidery pieces....much more. Fabric is NEW. Pieces are all different sizes....the smallest being approx. 8 to 10 inches square....the largest being around a yard....and everything in between. Many pieces are "finished" around the edges.....and can be used as Table Runners or "doilies"....table mats, place mats, etc. Pictures on the website show only a small fraction of what is available. 

These are premium quality ...most are manufactured by Kravat & Lee Joffa...(whose fabrics regularly sell for 100's of dollars per yard!) 

IF YOU ARE LOCAL: These are NOT pre-packaged......you can pick and choose from a HUGE tub only the pieces you want. (We have a huge tub full....and also a box ...about the size of a refrigerator). We have a scale....we will weigh them.... you only pay for the fabrics that you selected. Buy one piece.....or several pounds. No minimum or maximum purchase. 

IF YOU ARE NOT LOCAL: We will choose a variety of fabrics for you ....we will pack them in ONE POUND Packages. Shipping cost will vary depending on your location and how many One Pound bags you purchase. You can ask for a shipping quote in the Comments Section of the order form and we will email you ...or call you...whichever you prefer before shipping. 

Put the words ..... craft fabrics ....in the SEARCH WINDOW to find this on the website.



Looking for an out of print fabric to complete a project?  We provide a Fabric Search Service to locate fabric that you cannot find, fabric that is long out of print, etc.  I've been in the Fabric business for more than 25 years and have created an extensive file of Fabric Sources.....businesses (people and companies that use fabrics to make and manufacture items but don't sell fabric to the general public), manufacturers, distributors, shops, friends, etc.  Using my many sources ....I will do a Fabric Search for you to try to find a particular fabric you are looking for.  The charge is a flat fee of $10 per fabric.  You only pay the $10 if I find the fabric and you purchase it.  The price of the fabric....along with shipping and tax, if applicable, is the ACTUAL cost I am charged to purchase the fabric for you.  If I find the fabric, and you think the price is too high....or you don't want it....for whatever reason....there is no charge. ( Note: Fabric that is long out of print may be priced higher than currently available fabric.)  Searches can take a few days to several weeks.   You will be notified when I find the fabric with the purchase price and any other pertinent information.  You, at that time have the option to buy it....or not.   You will also be notified if I have exhausted my sources and the fabric is no where to be found.  The $10 fee for the Search will be added to the cost of the fabric when you purchase it.  Look for the FABRIC SEARCH CATEGORY on the website to use this valuable service!




Wow! A Great Way to teach young children their ABC's! Or....just a FUN Quilt to make for someone of ANY age! Add a little sashing between the squares and a border....and voila! ...a unique Alphabet Quilt!

We have put together a Pack of 26 fabrics....one fabric for each letter of the alphabet. You can see the fabrics ... so you know exactly what you are getting....the pictures are displayed in the Alphabet Club Category. The image on the fabric CLEARLY represents the letter....A is for Apples, B is for Bears...etc.

The Squares are 10 x 11 inches square and you will get a package of 26 squares....one square for each letter of the alphabet.


JOIN our APRON CLUB for a fun and useful project you can make in only a couple of hours. No complicated patterns to figure out, no need to buy a bunch of extra fabrics, materials or supplies....just cut out the Apron pieces right from the panel and sew them together. Our Apron Panels are Easy and FUN to make! Perfect for beginners and more experienced sewers alike. You'll have a variety of aprons for yourself....or lovely gifts for your friends and family!

Each month for 12 months (1 year) you will receive an Apron Kit that includes:

---An Apron Panel -- (a different design each month) The Panel already has all the apron pieces on it...ready to cut out and sew together with step by step instructions....nothing more to buy, no other fabric is needed.

---A delicious "down home" recipe will be included in your package. These recipes will have "every day" ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen.

---A "SURPRISE" gift...something fun, decorative or useful that is "kitchen-themed" related will be included in your package each month.


We just got some great Jelly Rolls and Dessert Rolls from Moda. For all you beginner quilters....a Jelly Roll is a roll of 2-1/2" strips of coordinated fabric....all from the same line. A Dessert Roll is a roll of 5" strips. These are from Moda lines Boo Crew and Nature's Christmas. Look for the JELLY ROLLS, DESSERT ROLLS, TREATS AND SWEET STUFF CATEGORY.

We have added a few more beautiful colors to our Rainbow of Wool Felt fabrics! Look in the Just Listed Categories for all our new Fabric & More arrivals. I just listed a super cute Game Quilt for small children. It has all kinds of fun and educational games and activities for young children "sewn" right into the quilt....board games, a chalk board (you can sew it on) and it can be drawn on with chalk, erased, and used over and over, a color worm, number games, photo album...all kinds of cool stuff!

We have a SCRAPPY CAT BLOCK A MONTH CLUB. These are simply ADORABLE Cat Blocks ...you MUST check them out on the website NOW! These Patterns were originally published in the 1979 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine! Used with permission. 1979 copyright Meredith Corporation (http://www.allpeoplequilt.com). All Rights Reserved. The Blocks measure 12" x 14" and the finished quilt is approx. 60x82..... when you sign up to the Club you get the PATTERNS FREE!! We are also offering IN SHOP classes ...details coming soon....PLEASE email me at sewspider@aol.com if you are interested in taking the Class for this Quilt.

"Quilty" Cozy Mystery Novels - New and Used
Check out our new category that has "cozy" Mystery Novels ....most all of them having some kind of quilting/needlework/food related theme. Most are gently used paperbacks....some are new....some are hardback books.

QUILT PATTERNS AVAILABLE by Downloading....We offer the following patterns in both a Block-A-Month Program...or we'll send you the Complete Pattern (anywhere from 12 to 15 blocks depending on the pattern you choose) electronically.  You'll get each block pattern with complete instrucstions for making the block plus all finishing instructions.   

-CottonTail Crossing Sampler

- All Around the Neighborhood

- Close to My Heart

- Haunted Halloween

- Nifty Nine Sampler

-Chocolate Sampler


We have a different version of our very popular Crazy Quilt Block of the Month Kit. In THIS kit...we only use 100% cotton BATIK Fabrics....and 100% cotton Benartex Fossil Fern Fabrics. Here's a chance to use all those fun and fabulous decorative stitches on your sewing machine that you love to look at ...but, never really get to use! You can create a Crazy Quilt block with beautiful Batik and Fossil Fern fabrics....then do the decorative stitching along the seams with your sewing machine! Included in the kit are: A Base Fabric (to arrange your fabric pieces on), a variety of Batik and Fossil Fern Fabrics, a Crazy Quilt Pattern (different each month), 2 spools of thread (different colors)and complete and detailed instructions. Check this out ...look for the ..NEW! BATIK AND FOSSIL FERN CRAZY KIT CLUB CATEGORY on the website.


Join our FAT QUARTER CLUB! Get TEN delightful Fat Quarters in your mail box every month. We choose a different color or a theme each month. This is a GREAT stash builder....have the perfect color, texture or motif for all your creative ideas! Sign up today!
Sign up to the Newsletter at Register to Win! You will receive updates on new fabrics along with NEWSLETTER ONLY SALES and promotions!



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